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Date: Fri Feb 03 2006 - 08:21:39 EST

I think the best way to put it is that issues concerning the age of the earth & evolution need not be church dividing & that one position or another on them is not necessary for salvation. But the way those issues are presented can certainly be church-dividing, & an insistence on the theological necessity of one or another view may show at least a lack of understanding of what is the basis for salvation.

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>>> Mervin Bitikofer <> 2/2/2006 5:59 PM >>>

  I don't think we'll be finding any checklist at the pearly gates that
  will sort out the "scientifically correct", or even the "theologicall
  correct". Significantly, those things didn't even make the slightest
  mention when Jesus spoke of the sheep and goats. We must remember to
  keep all these things in perspective. There are other aspects to life.
  Some others (may I humbly suggest) may even be more important than the
  scientific take on the origins debate.

  I completely agree that being scientifically literate won't help anyone get to heaven, but nonetheless, I tend to think that the actions of many in the YEC camp cause numerous scientifically minded people to reject Christianity altogether. Many of the YEC persuasion insist that their position is the only one viable for Christians, and would require a scientifically minded person to reject science in order to be a "true" Christian. Further, on a popular level YEC dominates evangelical circles. The combination of these two things causes many to see it as impossible to join the church and hold on to their scientific views. The critical thing to helping this out, in my opinion, is to create a culture where YEC views do not so dominate the popular thought of evangelicals and those outside the church can clearly see that it is possible to be both scientifically minded and Christian at the same time. So long as the popular Christian faith is held hostage by YEC views, I fear that the issue IS one of salvific importance.

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