Re: Kurt Wise on the creation crisis in Christian colleges

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Date: Thu Feb 02 2006 - 20:36:34 EST

Merv wrote:

> So
> invested are some people in this concordist thinking, that they cannot
> separate an attack on YEC thought from an attack on God's word
> itself.

This is the central problem. And this also seems not so far from historical
issues that have always stirred the church. Any perceived diminishing of
the "truth" of inspired texts is viewed as a whittling away at salvation.
we all want to see a world like the Chronicles with instant punishment
of sin, and peace, harmony and success when all is right with God. We are
all weak, very weak indeed, in our faith. It is good to desire to clean up
spiritual house, but one should be very suspicious of people who propose a
simple solution to a complex problem. It only begins when we look in that
spiritual mirror, and that's not so easy as looking for some quick and easy
effigy to burn.

Maybe then, the main thing is to look for is a way to persuade that salvation

is not dependent on accepting or rejecting YEC, rather it is in seeking God's

Grace and in faith alone. It's a grievous error when anyone would suggest
that this should be "easy". Science and technology cannot improve this
problem either. Faith was a problem in the garden (whatever one's particular
interpretation of that section of Genesis is), and nothing has changed.

by Grace we proceed,

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