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& again I think this shows that while the science of the age of the earth &
evolution certainly needs to be discussed, YECism will not be defeated
unless its theological assumptions are dealt with adequately. I don't
underestimate the difficulty of doing that among conservative Christians but
neither do I think that it's impossible. & varieties of concordism way
serve as ways to wean people away from YEC but they provide only halfway


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> Let me add some information, concerning the author of this report, Kurt
> Wise.
> First, Kurt is an ASA member, at least he's listed that way in the 2002-3
> directory. Furthermore, he's an ASA fellow. He is not the only YEC to be
> a
> member (I can think of at least four others), nor even a Fellow (I can
> think
> of at least two more YECs who are ASA Fellows). Kurt attended the ASA
> meeting here in 1990, and he might have attended a few others.
> As you might guess from the previous paragraph, Kurt is not your typical
> YEC--that is, he is open to talking to (rather than just shouting at)
> those
> who disagree with his position. He also admits that he holds his position
> for bibical reasons, and that most YEC science (or what passes for it) is
> pretty poor stuff. He's part of the small but growing group of "new
> style"
> YECs (as I like to call them) who have heavily criticized the older YEC
> stuff and who understand why lots of Christian scientists don't agree with
> them. Paul Nelson (who is not an ASA member but who subscribes to PSCF
> and
> who sometimes lurks on this list) is another such person.
> Kurt is obviously frustrated with those of us who teach science or teach
> about science (the latter is now my situation, no longer the former) at
> schools, just as I am frustrated with Kurt and his friends at AIG. I see
> no
> way to remove the frustration either way, but I do readily note Kurt's
> "new
> style" position with some restrained enthusiasm.
> Ted
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