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Date: Thu Feb 02 2006 - 13:35:33 EST

Several news clips that came my way today:

"With confidence that it is the mouthpiece for God, it endorses candidates, supports constitutional amendments and mobilizes campaigns to keep poor souls hooked up to feeding tubes. It calls its opponents 'enemies of the people of faith.' Today that is the style and, I think, the sin of the Christian right."

--John Danforth, Episcopal priest and a former Republican U.S. senator from Missouri, speaking about the influence and arrogance of the Christian right in American politics today.

John Danforth wishes the Republican right would step down from its pulpit. Instead, he sees a constant flow of religion into national politics. And not just any religion, either, but the us-versus-them, my-God-is-bigger-than-your-God, velvet-fist variety of Christian evangelism.

 Washington Post

Television evangelist Pat Robertson, who has rattled the religious and political establishment with recent controversial declarations, acknowledged Thursday "my passion runs ahead of me" on some occasions.

 Austin American-Statesman

Washington has effectively put a lid on federal efforts to advance embryonic stem-cell research. But states are moving in the opposite direction.

 Christian Science Monitor

 The National Association of Evangelicals said yesterday that it has been unable to reach a consensus on global climate change and will not take a stand on the issue, disappointing environmentalists who had hoped that evangelical Christians would prod the Bush administration to soften its position on global warming.

 Washington Post
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