Re: Kurt Wise on the creation crisis in Christian colleges

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Thu Feb 02 2006 - 13:17:54 EST

Let me add some information, concerning the author of this report, Kurt

First, Kurt is an ASA member, at least he's listed that way in the 2002-3
directory. Furthermore, he's an ASA fellow. He is not the only YEC to be a
member (I can think of at least four others), nor even a Fellow (I can think
of at least two more YECs who are ASA Fellows). Kurt attended the ASA
meeting here in 1990, and he might have attended a few others.

As you might guess from the previous paragraph, Kurt is not your typical
YEC--that is, he is open to talking to (rather than just shouting at) those
who disagree with his position. He also admits that he holds his position
for bibical reasons, and that most YEC science (or what passes for it) is
pretty poor stuff. He's part of the small but growing group of "new style"
YECs (as I like to call them) who have heavily criticized the older YEC
stuff and who understand why lots of Christian scientists don't agree with
them. Paul Nelson (who is not an ASA member but who subscribes to PSCF and
who sometimes lurks on this list) is another such person.

Kurt is obviously frustrated with those of us who teach science or teach
about science (the latter is now my situation, no longer the former) at CCCU
schools, just as I am frustrated with Kurt and his friends at AIG. I see no
way to remove the frustration either way, but I do readily note Kurt's "new
style" position with some restrained enthusiasm.

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