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*Correction: younger evangelical parents today DO seem to be more
accommodating to an old earth mentality.*
I'm not so sure about this. It would make an interesting study.
Anecdotally, in my experience as a young-ish (not so young anymore!)
evangelical parent of three school-aged kids, there are pockets of young
evangelical parents who've thought about and studied these things for
themselves, perhaps in evangelical Christian liberal arts colleges or
elsewhere, and who quietly shy away from YEC'ism. But there are also large
groups of young evangelical parents who buy whole-heartedly into the
Christian School and/or Homeschool movements and who are solidly YEC. Many
evangelical parents are told that it's irresponsible to send their kids to
public schools, and they believe it. Many of them invest themselves deeply
in the culture of separation that Christian schools and homeschooling tend
to thrive on, which includes YEC'ism as a major component. To them,
Darwinism is one of the pillars of the corrupt outside society from which
they believe they are morally obliged to shield their children (the other
being Moral Relativism, with the two combining to produce things like
"Liberal" politics).

I think it's critically important to understand YEC'ism in the milieu of
this defensive subculture. The whole worldview hangs together -- simple
moral certainties, basic libertarian politics, an authoritative and
easy-to-understand Bible, a "golden age" view of history, and insulation
from a corrupt world -- and it provides an enormous sense of security and
community to those who hold it. This worldview has become intertwined with
a "Christian" worldview in popular evangelicalism like kudzu in a cypress
stand. The challenge isn't only to show why YEC is wrong. The biggest
challenge is to peel away all this growth without appearing to chop down the

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> Correction: younger evangelical parents today DO seem to be more
accommodating to an old earth mentality.
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> > Interesting read. This further confirms the Academic Gap that exists
between the
> > academic/scholarly realm and the pulpit. The author of this article
> > that the trend for incoming young earth believing students will only
> > I'm not sure I agree with that prediction. Younger evangelical parents
> > don't seem to be more accommodating to an old earth mentality.
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> > > You might find the AiG article by Kurt Wise, "Creation crisis in
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