Re: Kurt Wise on the creation crisis in Christian colleges

From: David Opderbeck <>
Date: Thu Feb 02 2006 - 11:51:59 EST

It's interesting that this post followed the one with the ICR
newsletter that highlighted ICR's fundraising goals. It can get very
discouraging to realize that American evangelicalism increasingly is
captive to YEC. Reading that first post about the ICR newsletter, I
was thinking that one of the "points of light" is that the broad-based
evangelical colleges that train many of tomorrow's evangelical leaders
-- the Wheatons, Messiahs, Calvins, Gordons (have to add my alma mater
here) and many others -- haven't caved in. I'd also suggest that the
same is true in greater or lesser degrees in other aspects of the
"culture wars," in which the fundamentalist wing of American
evangelicalism is more extreme than the "mainstream" and far more
extreme than the typical history or poly sci prof at the Christian
colleges. I just wish the commitment to scholarship and "integration
of faith and learning" that characterizes most evangelical liberal
arts colleges would filter more deeply into the evangelical

On 2/2/06, Bill Hamilton <> wrote:
> Thanks for posting this, Robert. I wonder how many Christian parents thinking
> of sending their kids to Wheaton, Calvin, Messiah, etc. are having kittens over
> this. My younger son graduated from Wheaton in 1999, and he tells me quite a
> few incoming freshmen expressed one of their goals in coming to Wheaton as "To
> learn how to refute evolutionism".
> --- Robert Schneider <> wrote:
> > You might find the AiG article by Kurt Wise, "Creation crisis in Christian
> > colleges," of interest:
> >
> >
> > Bob
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