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From: Bill Hamilton <>
Date: Wed Feb 01 2006 - 16:51:47 EST

> Virtually all conservative Lutheran anti-evolutionists, including some
> involved with the formation of the Creation Research Society, have been
> amillennialists - as Article 17 of the the Augsburg Confession has generally
> been held to teach.
As a long time Presbyterian, I can vouch that most Presbyterians are
amillenialists (and those that aren't are mostly postmillenialists), and the
YEC's appear to be every bit as much a factor in the EPC (Evangelical
Presbyterian Church -- my denomination) as in the Wesleyan Church -- a largely
Premil denomination where I first became a Christian.

Still, there's a neat symmetry to YEC and Dispensational premillenialism:
Interpret the beginning of the Bible literally and the end also. Begin to
reinterpret one and you endanger the interpretation of the other. I'm not
saying any Dispensational premils think this way -- it just is tempting.

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