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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Wed Feb 01 2006 - 14:09:43 EST

I am afraid it contained a pathetic article on Darwin. Really that should have been vetted. D is described as a "strict creationist" when he sailed on the Beagle . What does that mean? He was a definite old earther in 1831. Then an emotive fact of having an inscribed bible - so what - he took lots of geology books too! And a locket from his ex-girl friend Fanny. It quotes Eldredge saying that his theory made him ill. Incorrect it was a physical illness predating work on evolution - wait til 2nd edition of Colp's To be an Invalid comes out and look under refs to me.
Then the backlash put in a sweeping way.

All in all just the same old mythical Darwin uninformed by modern scholarship

It is a pity that didn't get a more informed writer.

(Not that the Church of England gets it much better!

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  The latest issue of "Episcopal Life," a monthly newsmagazine of the Episcopal Church, has a feature article in its "Closer Look" section entitled "Science and religion: Friends or foes?" with some related articles. The cover story features the Episcopal Catechism of Creation. The subject is addressed in the context of the Dover trial and the current public debate over ID. You can access this material on line at

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