More on Morris and Ruse

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Wed Feb 01 2006 - 13:22:03 EST

Morris also write this:

"His survey of the history of this conflict throughout the centuries is
fascinating and well written. The idea that he has had a personal struggle
is just my own assumption. However, in an earlier essay for a journal
devoted to science and religion, he made several disturbing statements. For

'Some of the problems of Christianity strike me as being so blatantly
rational-belief-destroying that there is almost a sense of farce in seeing
its devotees trying to wriggle from under them. Chief among these is the
problem of explaining how somebody's death two thousand years ago can wash
away my sins. When you combine this with the doctrine of the Trinity and the
implication that the sacrificial lamb is God Himself (or Itself) and that
this therefore makes things all right with this self-same God, the rational
mind boggles.'"

Ted comments:
Why, Henry, is this so "troubling"? Isn't the crucified Christ, the
crucified God if you will, just "foolishness" to the Greeks? Isn't Ruse
simply confirming Biblical truth?

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