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From: Terry M. Gray <grayt@lamar.colostate.edu>
Date: Fri Dec 30 2005 - 23:02:27 EST

> Dear fellow ASA members,
> As the outgoing president of the ASA Executive Council, I would
> like to take this opportunity to fill you in on some of our recent
> and on-going activities. For the first time in many years, we met
> in Ipswich for our winter Council meeting. We were impressed with
> the improvements made in the office, at no cost to ASA and as part
> of our lease renewal. It is now a more efficient, pleasant place
> to work.
> Your council spent a full day meeting and discussing
> ASA business. We began with a devotional on 1 Peter 2:9-17 and
> prayer that God would guide us in our deliberations and decisions
> on behalf of ASA.
> Among the things we discussed was how to improve the
> nomination process for ASA Fellows. We want the input of the
> existing Fellows for this process.
> Bud Bouma revealed many wonderful plans that are being
> made for the next annual meeting at Calvin College, July 28-31,
> 2006. It will be held in the Prince Conference Center on the theme
> "Embedding Christian Values in Science and Technology". Confirmed
> plenary speakers include Celia Deane-Drummond, Vernon J. Ehlers,
> Rudolf Jaenisch, and Karen Lebacqz. Seven focused symposia are
> planned, geared to scientists of all disciplines as well as
> philosophers and theologians. This meeting promises to be a must-
> attend, so make your plans now, and invite someone to come with you.
> We reviewed reports on all ASA publications. Our
> newsletter editors, Margaret Towne and David Fischer are seeking
> your input to keep the newsletter current to the needs of the
> Affiliation.
> We have over 1500 fellows and members. The Affiliation
> has grown in the past year. Our finances are still strained, and
> we as a council are praying for 600 more members. Again, we need
> your help to tell others about ASA and to introduce prospective
> members to the newsletter, journal, annual meeting and local
> meetings. Our budget is balanced, but only because our new
> executive director is taking a voluntary cut in salary until the
> Affiliation is on sound financial footing.
> We continue to be encouraged by ASA's efforts to
> attract early career scientists, graduate students and
> undergraduate students to the annual ASA meeting through
> scholarships. Johnny Lin found that scholarship attendees come
> back for other annual meetings at their own expense. I know I
> appreciate their enthusiastic participation in the annual
> meetings. We also want to encourage the development of more local
> chapters, possibly associated with universities. The website is
> changing, and new links are added regularly. Through the hard work
> of Jack Haas and Terry Gray all issues of the Journal, since its
> inception, are available on the website.
> We would like to see the commissions and affiliations
> become a more integral part of ASA. If you have any ideas of ways
> to revitalize them please be in touch.
> The council also reviewed the constitution and bylaws
> to make sure the affiliation was following them and to see if any
> articles needed to be edited. We had some discussion about some
> items, but decided to not request any changes at the current time.
> Let me conclude by saying that the most important
> decision made by the Executive Council on your behalf during 2005
> was the selection of our new Executive Director, Randy Isaac. We
> hired Randy with very high expectations and he has already exceeded
> these in every way. He has demonstrated visionary leadership and
> extremely strong management skills. He dearly loves the ASA and is
> committed to seeing the affiliation thrive and develop. His style
> is innovative, and he is clearly a "people" person. Randy looks to
> the executive council for leadership and guidance, and he holds us
> accountable for the state of the affiliation. I know that under
> his guidance and leadership, the ASA can grow and truly enter the
> twenty-first century.
> For your information the following officers were
> elected for 2006.
> Past President
> Marilyne Flora
> President Hessel "Bud"
> Bouma
> Vice-President Ruth
> Douglas Miller
> Secretary/Treasurer Walter Bradley
> Newly Elected Member Edward
> "Ted" Davis
> Thank you for the opportunity to serve on the Executive
> Council.
> Marilyne Flora
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