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At 04:33 PM 12/30/2005, Jack Haas wrote:
>I recommend this delightfully written article.
>Jack Haas
>Jews clash over the intelligence of intelligent
>design <>
>On a recent Tuesday evening, Moshe Tendler, an
>influential Orthodox rabbi and Yeshiva
>University biology professor, ambled onto the
>stage at Kovens Conference Center in North
>Miami. A stately figure with a wispy white beard
>and heavy glasses, he surveyed the 300-strong
>crowd of scientists and intellectuals — most
>clad in yarmulkes and dark suits with tallith
>tassels dangling about their waists — and urged
>them to spread the word that Darwin was wrong.
>"It is our task to inform the world about
>intelligent design]," he implored. "Or the child
>growing up will grow up with unintelligent
>design.... Unintelligent design is our
>ignorance, our stupidity." This may seem an
>unlikely message from a prominent Jewish
>biologist. After all, intelligent design theory
>— which holds that life is too complex to be a
>fluke of evolution — has been crafted primarily
>by evangelical Christians and spurned by most scientists. [See full article]
>By Mariah Blake, /MiamiNewTimes/

### Funny you posted that - I was going to post
it back on the 13th, but forgot.

Jews in S. Florida join debate on evolution vs. intelligent design
Sentinel ^ | December 12, 2005 | James D. Davis
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