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I recommend this delightfully written article.
Jack Haas

Jews clash over the intelligence of intelligent design


On a recent Tuesday evening, Moshe Tendler, an influential Orthodox
rabbi and Yeshiva University biology professor, ambled onto the stage at
Kovens Conference Center in North Miami. A stately figure with a wispy
white beard and heavy glasses, he surveyed the 300-strong crowd of
scientists and intellectuals most clad in yarmulkes and dark suits
with tallith tassels dangling about their waists and urged them to
spread the word that Darwin was wrong. "It is our task to inform the
world about intelligent design]," he implored. "Or the child growing up
will grow up with unintelligent design.... Unintelligent design is our
ignorance, our stupidity." This may seem an unlikely message from a
prominent Jewish biologist. After all, intelligent design theory which
holds that life is too complex to be a fluke of evolution has been
crafted primarily by evangelical Christians and spurned by most
scientists. [See full article]
By Mariah Blake, /MiamiNewTimes/
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