RE: More Than Intelligent Design.

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Fri Dec 30 2005 - 14:17:11 EST

Janice quoted Hugh Ross:
"One irony of this painstakingly cautious approach is that naturalism
may die of natural causes before ID advocates reach steps two or three.
In the upper echelons of research and scholarship, naturalistic
theories' frailty is more and more freely acknowledged. Even if ID
proponents do nothing to expose the inadequacies and inconsistencies of
its explanation for the cosmos and life, naturalism may self-destruct."
This kind of sweeping generalization without any accompanying examples
is typical of the kind of Bible/science diatribe espoused by YEC
organizations to which Ross has been opposed. Apparently their tactics
are okay, though.
Some years ago Hugh told me that he offered to spend three days with ICR
to convince them of the age of the universe. They gave him his three
days and you can see the result. Nothing changed. Then when I made
Hugh the same offer to spend three days with him discussing his
creationist version of anthropology - he refused. If anybody sees him
tell him the offer still stands. I'll fly to California at my expense
if he'll round up his organization and sit for three days.
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