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From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Thu Dec 29 2005 - 16:38:20 EST

Wayne wrote:
Fine that the "modus operandi" is this way, but why should it be called
that a polished opinion was produced? Judge Jones was surely aware that
his decision would be challenged if any "t" was not crossed or any "i"
dotted. It seems bizarre and peculiar that anyone should complain about
someone doing a thorough job in a respectable profession.
Plus, he wanted to slam the door on further money-wasting suits of this
nature by settling the issue and establishing a legal precedent with a
sound legal argument. The issue of teaching creationism in public
schools has already been decided. By pinning the label creationism in a
tuxedo on the ID movement the judge was simply saying this issue has
been decided before, but here we are again and the result is the same.
I think he handled the science as well as any jurist could do, certainly
better than that famed legal scholar whose initials are P. J.
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