Re: Judge Jones did NOT side with Discovery Institute

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Thu Dec 29 2005 - 08:38:05 EST


Let me try one more time to clarify the point here.

No argument on one thing: TDI did not like Dover's policy, among other
reasons b/c they felt it would not pass constitutional muster--and of
course, it didn't. Please see the very first point in my other post on this
thread. There is no reason for you to respond by cutting/pasting TDI's
public statements about this part. We agree about that, OK?

However, TDI's biggest concern, by far (and I have this straight from the
horse's mouth, remember they did have representatives in Harrisburg for
parts of the trial and I also spoke a few times with people in Seattle over
the past few months), has been that the judge would rule broadly against ID
itself, not just narrowly against the specific Dover statement. And that is
precisely what happened, which is why TDI is engaging in ad hominem attacks
on the judge. (In the politics of science, remember, the politics drives
the science.) One more time: this particular issue was of much greater
importance to TDI than the local situation in Dover. And TDI lost on this

If you respond to this post, Janice, please do so by indicating what is
wrong with my conclusion in the two sentences at the end of the previous
paragraph, and please supply reasons to support a different conclusion.
Please think for yourself on this one, do not respond simply by cutting and
pasting something from TDI website. We already know what they are going to
say: I don't wish to read another vacuous claim about "activist"
jurisprudence or another name calling session. They lost, and they know it.
 Why don't you seem to know it?

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