Re: Judge Jones sided with the Discovery Institute and ruled against the Dover school board policy.

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> Dover Ruling December 2005
> "....Judge Jones sided with
> <>the
> Discovery Institute and ruled against the Dover school board
> policy. No promotion of biological design in public school science
> classrooms.
> A better approach, in my opinion, is to allow biological design to
> flourish as a metascience as
> Robin Collins suggests here. As a metascience, biological design will
> receive the time and support it needs to mature and flourish.
> Scientists make wonderful pragmatists and lousy
> philosophers. Philosophical arguments about science will not
> convince them to switch away from their current research
> paradigms. In order to gain traction and acceptance, design based
> research programs need to produce more discoveries, more break
> throughs and more cures. Research grants will follow, and so will
> more scientists.
> One interesting area to keep a close eye on is the oxymoronic
> research area known as directed evolution. It may prove to be an
> interesting testing ground of paradigms (design -vs- chance). I hope
> to post more on this interesting subject as I learn more about it.
> A second area where I think design based programs may yield superior
> results is in forensic biology. Just a hunch.
> Once biological design gains traction in the scientific community,
> and I have every reason to expect it will, then you will see a more
> interesting trial than the one we witnessed in Dover.
> Update: Some legal and philosophical analysis of the case from an
> expert over at
> <>Through
> A Glass Darkly.
> 12/20/2005

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