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From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Mon Dec 26 2005 - 21:46:35 EST

At 09:03 PM 12/26/2005, Anne Swaim wrote:

>Janice Matchett wrote:
>>Unlike the apostle John ...<snip>.. they may have never even heard
>>of Cerinthus.

>hmm..perhaps like John, we may also say,
>"Let us fly, that the steam fall not on our heads..." as John is
>rumored to have done in the near presence of Cerinthus... :) and
>therefore avoid unnecessary disputes.
>and therefore live out John's gentle reminder: to prove what we
>believe, to give evidence of the Lord's reign by words & actions of
>love ...and humility following our Servant-King into the New Year.
>There's a challenge.I know it is a challenge for me! blessings of
>the New Year to all.

### According to Irenaeus, Polycarp said that the apostle John once
fled a bathhouse when he found out Cerinthus was inside, yelling "Let
us flee, lest the building fall down; for Cerinthus, the enemy of the
truth, is inside!"

That "..enemy of the truth .." thingy is a little different than your
version. :)

The hallmark of humility is teachability (like a little
child). Heretics and apostates are judged to be "Christians" and
aren't perceived as "enemies of the truth" by those who judge by
outward appearances.

If "behavior" is deemed to be "correct", orthodox doctrine be damned
- instead, heretics and apostates are not only welcomed - but invited
to teach others.

~ Janice
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