Re: Alternative Medicine (was Re: Skepticism - its uses and abuses)

From: jack syme <>
Date: Fri Dec 23 2005 - 15:47:18 EST

> How do the Chinese theories challenge Christianity? They do not require
> that evil be an illusion. They challenge conventional science, but I have
> not found a physiological theory in scripture. I fear you are confusing
> your faith with your science. Further, that meridians and qi are part of
> a working application does not demonstrate their correctness as the
> explanation for the function.

I am not confusing my faith with my science. I am just pointing out that
Alternative Medicine, in many of its forms, is based on a spiritual
worldview that is Un-Christian, if not Anti-Christian. Traditional medicine
is based on a worldview that is more or less spiritually neutral.
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