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Date: Wed Dec 21 2005 - 15:29:56 EST

Gregory wrote:
Let me ask you to clarify if you please. Do you believe there was an
actual person named 'Adam' and a person named 'Eve' from which all
humanity descended or ascended or procreated into us? Is that correct:
those two persons actually existed in history, they are not just
The Adam of Genesis, mentioned even in the New Testament, comes far too
late in human history to start the human race. He appears to be the
ultimate patriarch of the Adamites and Semites, culminating in the
Israelites and Jews (and Arabs). Why we confused Jewish history with
human history is beyond me.
By placing Adam as Genesis does near the junction of the Tigris and
Euphrates and referencing farming, cattle raising, tents, musical
instruments, and implements of bronze and iron in just a few
generations, this places him in historical context and applies a time
constraint. There is no trace of civilization in this region prior to
4800 BC. And human beings have a much longer history.
Read my articles in PSCF:
If so, would you then care to speak more specifically about the time and
place of Adam and his wife's existence that you deem important? There is
a time and a place for everything. Just so you know that I don't mean to
bait you with this last question, let me say that I personally don't
wish to speak about it because I'm not an Origins of Life or Origins of
Humanity scientist, philosopher or theologian. Surely you're not
suggesting that the existence or non-existence of those persons is
something people can or should remain neutral about?
I'm not neutral about it as you can see from my web site.
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