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From: D. F. Siemens, Jr. <>
Date: Tue Dec 20 2005 - 22:27:14 EST

Don't hold your breath. I don't recall that you've found Cornelius'
analysis of anything accurate. Indeed, I've gotten to the point where I
delete his posts without reading them. I read the responses to see if
I've missed anything.

I have just finished reading Judge Jones' entire decision. The only
negative comment I have is that it seems to me too long, but I understand
that he felt he had to cross every legal t. His decision, contrary to
being activist, is inexorable. He rigorously documents every part,
including describing the defendants as mendacious. I think a determined
prosecutor could get a conviction for perjury, for the falsehoods are

To respond also to Moorad's question of how one perceives the deity's
handiwork, it begins by my believing that God exists, along with the
belief that I exist only by his will. So when I see that which is greater
than I, I praise God and give him the glory. Yes, I know that clouds are
simply droplets of water and the sun is an atomic reactor about 8
light-minutes away. That does not detract from my recognition that all
comes from the Creator. When I recognize that he loves me and died for
me, something I cannot learn from nature, I respond with joyous and
grateful adoration. I can observe that there is that which is greater
than I, but the rest comes through faith.

On Tue, 20 Dec 2005 17:20:35 -0800 (PST) Pim van Meurs
<> writes:
> I'd be interested in Cornelius' legal analysis of the decision as to
> the issues of overreaching and committing fallacious claims.
> Judge Jones's decision reads as well informed. That the discovery
> institute has to refer to his decision as 'activist' shows how well
> argued the decision must have been.
> Just check out the DI's blogsite to hear how they deal with the
> decision (it's not pretty but it may help understand them better).
> Pim
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> Well you've got your work cut out for you. This decision is over
> reaching
> and committed to fallacious claims. One could spend quite some time
> dissecting it. This is not the first time that the legal process has
> so
> degraded. I think the service you could do Ted would be to show how
> easily a
> legal decision can go off the deep end. The warfare thesis now has
> the legal
> stamp of approval.
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