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I am not sure how you see or detect the glory of God in created things that are purely physical. Is it having been created in the image of God that allows you to infer God from the created things you mentioned? Evolution is an explanation without God, which is fine as a scientific hypothesis. Of course, there are questions regarding the existence of all that is and the laws that govern them that are truly outside scientific reach.


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Hi Moorad, you wrote:
Christians believe in a Creator. Is the Creator manifested in the physical aspect of Nature? If so, how can we detect that interaction?
I see the glory of God in a beautiful sunset. That doesn't mean God paints sunsets. I see God's glory in a snowflake, but I don't think God stamps out snowflakes. I see God in anything and everything. Evolution, however, is a process where if God interacts at all it has proven thus far to be invisible.
Alternatively, is the existence of Jesus and His claims the only way to arrive at a Creator?
The Israelites had the Old Testament and certainly believed in God. Christ is the fulfillment of God's promise to redeem mankind, but God's existence stands on its own.
On the other hand, must we appeal to other than the physical aspect of Nature to arrive at a Creator?
A naturally-occurring universe teeming with living replicators is hard to imagine without a push or a shove somewhere in the process, but once the ball gets rolling natural processes offer a better explanation of the end products than sporadic divine intervention, in my opinion.
Is there existence outside the purely physical?
The Bible says there is and from my personal experience there is.
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