Re: ASA's "neutrality policy"

From: Randy Isaac <>
Date: Tue Dec 20 2005 - 15:02:27 EST

Thank you for all your comments. Thinking about your notes, I would conclude that:

1) It is vital that ASA as an organization be neither pro-YEC nor anti-YEC, neither pro-ID nor anti-ID, neither pro-TE nor anti-TE (or substitute your favorite acronym or position). Rather we are pro-Creator/Christian faith and anti-atheism/philosophical materialism. We seek unity as part of the body of Christ. Our goal is to provide an "open forum" to stimulate and encourage discussion of the issues with respect for each other, not to persuade people of the "right" answer.

2) Though we must challenge and encourage everyone to meet high standards of "fidelity to the Word of God" and "integrity in science", we must temper our zeal with a generous dose of humility. We must be mindful of Jesus' caution in Matt. 7:3-5 and the recognition of the ubiquitous human tendency to equate "lack of integrity" with those who don't agree with us. None of us has all the answers and each of our perspectives may help clarify some aspect, but not all, of the total picture.

How to put this into practice is something we all need to continually and prayerfully address.

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