Re: ASA's "neutrality policy"

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Date: Tue Dec 20 2005 - 10:22:00 EST

As a sort of a "Devil's advocate" .....
Supposing for a moment the unlikely chance that the universe is only
6000 years old and God literally created Eve from Adam's rib, etc. etc.

I guess we would have to be careful about saying that God is deceiving
us because we do not have all the information, for maybe there is some
explanation at the end that God can give for why everything we tried
told us different.

But central to this is that "the heavens and the earth tell of the Glory
of God", yet how we have seen and measured the heavens seems to
strain any honest evaluation. Moreover, even creationists are in effect
(by warping and breaking science) trying to put a cover of "consistency"
over the whole picture. If they were admitting the inconsistency, this
would at least be more intellectually honest and consistent with the
fact that we cannot ultimately question God. I think it's not so much the
fact that they believe it, as much as it is that they claim their views are
soundly proved by science, that makes their views obnoxious. And should
one not feel a bit ashamed that others would find a man of God's attitudes
obnoxious? To be reviled for doing God's work and striving for a Godly life
would bring to us tears of joy at heaven's gates, but to parrot a bunch of
like a politician is not really doing anything for God at all (IMHO).

I cannot see my position as actually "neutral", but I do think that YECs
be "welcome". In practice, I really don't see our position as "neutral".
"open to the truth" does express it partly, as several here are reformed
YECs, and
therefore, have had to genuinely admit that they were wrong. Seeing as pride
is a blinding enemy of great minds, such honesty shines brighter than a 1000
suns. Maybe that is what we should always be striving for.....

by Grace alone we proceed,
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