RE: ASA's "neutrality policy"

From: Bill Hamilton <>
Date: Fri Dec 16 2005 - 12:54:35 EST

    Ted Davis wrote
  Here is what I said as the final paragraph (in full) from my ballot for
election to the ASA Council this year:

>A second challenge comes from growing tension within the larger body of
>Christ between advocates of "intelligent design" and advocates of what
>is commonly called "theistic evolution" (and I recognize that some ASA
>members and other people advocate views that might fit into both
>categories). Throughout its history the ASA has facilitated helpful,
>respectful exchanges of views on many aspects of the origins controversy,
>while not endorsing officially any one particular view. If elected, I would
>do what I can to help the ASA retain and enhance its role as an effective
>forum for the healthy exchange of views on all issues related to science and
>Christian faith, and to increase our visibility among the religious press.

The ASA serves a function that is not served anywhere else: A forum for respectful discussions among Christians with different views on origins. Certainly churches in general don't serve that function (in many churches just expressing mild doubts about creationism is enough to get you chewed out or worse) That's sad, but imagine how things would be if ASA took and enforced a position on YEC. Secondly, there is a large group of technically trained Christians whose expertise is not in the geological or biological sciences, who may honestly accept the YEC position. We owe it to these folks (I was one of them) to be a place where intelligent, respectful discussion and learning can take place. I'm glad Ted got elected. I voted for him.

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