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Janice, where do you get this stuff from?
   Area 1002 is 1.5 million of ANWR's 19 million acres. In 1980, a Democratic-controlled Congress at the behest of President Carter set area 1002 aside for possible energy exploration. Since then, although there are active oil and gas wells in at least 36 U.S. wildlife refuges, stopping drilling in ANWR has become sacramental for environmentalists who speak about it the way Wordsworth wrote about the Lake Country.

  Ca\n you tell me, where and what is the Lake Country? Which state is it in? Or is it possible as he mentions Wordsworth he menas the Lake District, which I can see from my bedroom window?

   There are no trees.

  There are no trees in much of the Lake District!! Perhaps it is north of the tree-line. Landscape can be beautiful without trees - desert, high mountains etc
  The primary goal of collectivism of socialism in Europe and contemporary liberalism in America is to enlarge governmental supervision of individuals' lives. This is done in the name of equality.

  Which country in Europe is he talking about? This is just ignorant nonsense. Does he know anything about Europe?

  People are to be conscripted into one large cohort, everyone equal (although not equal in status or power to the governing class) in their status as wards of a self-aggrandizing government. Government says the constant enlargement of its supervising power is necessary for the equitable or efficient allocation of scarce resources.

  Therefore, one of the collectivists' tactics is to produce scarcities, particularly of what makes modern society modern the energy requisite for social dynamism and individual autonomy. Hence collectivists use environmentalism to advance a collectivizing energy policy. Focusing on one energy source at a time, they stress the environmental hazards of finding, developing, transporting, manufacturing or using oil, natural gas, coal or nuclear power.

  more exagerated nonsense!

  A quarter of a century of this tactic applied to ANWR is about 24 years too many. If geologists were to decide that there were only three thimbles of oil beneath area 1002, there would still be something to be said for going down to get them, just to prove that this nation cannot be forever paralyzed by people wielding environmentalism as a cover for collectivism.

  The most intelligent statement in the whole article

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