Re: Another heresy

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Mon Dec 12 2005 - 07:49:34 EST

I wouldn't have replied to Vernon's post itself but your long citation of Athanasius went well beyond "robust argument" about the theological issues in dispute & descended to just the type of personal attack I referred to. All quite sequitur.

I've found that when I'm wrong about something (it actually has happened a few times!) & have been called on it, that it's usually best to just be quiet & learn from the experience. A word to the wise.

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    How does that affect the point that I made? (& in case you want more support for that point, Mt 5:44 should do.)

  Vernon wrote: "..robust argument should not be interpreted as incivility, impertinence or personal malice. ASA, surely, is a forum for grown-ups - and one in which plain speaking is encouraged..."

  I responded: "Picture this: What if Athanasius was on this list. No doubt even he would be called, "unChristian" and offensive to some here: ..." [snipped examples]

  You tried to change the subject with your non sequitur "point", that's why I brought you back to it. :)
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