Re: Another heresy

From: Carol or John Burgeson <>
Date: Sat Dec 10 2005 - 19:00:03 EST

Vernon wrote, in part: "that the Bible is confirmed as a unique body of
_divine revelation_ - and an implacable foe of evolution."

That the first is true, I gladly attest to -- though your findings do not
play any part in that attestation.

The second, of course, does not have any relationship to the first.

Vernon also wrote, in part: "By the way, robust argument should not be
interpreted as incivility, impertinence or personal malice. "

Robust argument" does not include questioning the motivations or
Christian beliefs of others.

At another place you make the argument that since "Jesus is Lord," it
necessarily follows that when he attributed a writing to Moses He knew it
to be true. I would suggest that he THOUGHT it to be true. He was human,
after all. I suggest that if you traveled back to 30 ad and asked Jesus
about nuclear physics, he would give you a blank stare. As a human, HE
necessarily took on the limits of humanity --that includes not knowing
everything and accepting some "family stories" as factual when they were
not necessarily so. I think HE really thought Moses was the author. He
may have been right, of course. What we think we know today, however,
somewhat qualifies that.

I have no problem with you defending your somewhat odd thesis; I admire
you for your tenacity. But I just cannot buy into it. The forced
conjunction you make between your findings and the YEC anti-evolution
position quite weakens your arguments, for there is no perceptible tie
between the two.

Merry Christmas.


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