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Date: Sat Dec 10 2005 - 17:13:36 EST


It disappoints me that the 'divine watermark' - to which I repeatedly draw
attention - has, so far, signally failed to deter those who insist on
reading their own meaning into the words of the J-C Scriptures. However,
those few who correctly perceive the implications of this miraculous event
(encountered in the opening Hebrew words) realise that such practice is now
no longer reasonable; that the Bible is confirmed as a unique body of
_divine revelation_ - and an implacable foe of evolution.

By the way, robust argument should not be interpreted as incivility,
impertinence or personal malice. ASA, surely, is a forum for grown-ups -
and one in which plain speaking is encouraged.


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Subject: Another heresy

> Vernon wrote, in part, replying to Bob:
> .. (1) Apparently you doubt the Lord's veracity and sincerity in respect
> of the
> parable recorded in Luke 16:19-31. ... As a person 'like that' what,
> precisely, don't I get?"
> Among the many things I perceive you "not getting" is a civil tongue. Bob
> may be incorrect in his position (I seriously doubt that he is) but in no
> way would that incorrectness (if it were so) imply that he doubts the
> Lord's veracity. For you to imply this is simply being impolite.
> JB
> What does Michael Ruse say about C vs E in his latest book.
> See www.burgy.50megs.ruse.htm for a review.
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