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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Wed Dec 07 2005 - 17:54:28 EST

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From: "Pim van Meurs" <>
> Michael Roberts wrote
> >Funny but the fossil records tells me something different. Can you
> explain why I only found one type of >Precambrian fossil as if there had
> been little change I should have found many fossils in those strata?
Pim replied
> How interesting, turning the Cambrian explosion into evidence against
> Cornelius' claims. I am still curious as to how ID proponents explain the
> Cambrian
 I hadn't thought of that, but it does counter Cornelius. The point is that
the fossil record shows a progression which can only be explained by
1 anoutside force creating slightly different creatures every so often. So
we posit a few million miracles!

2 There is descent with modification i.e. dreaded evolution without
specifying the mechanism, which is what Darwin arrived at in 1838 before
reading Malthus

Ponder this

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