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Date: Wed Dec 07 2005 - 17:50:32 EST

Theological students in the 50s had four coloured pencils and coloured the
Pentateuch according to whether it was JEP orD! When I did theology in the
70s my non-conservative OT teacher said JEPD didn't work and combined J and

There is much question about this now , but still it is taught .

The likes of Gordon Wenham dispense with it and reckon the Pentateuch was
collated in about 1000BC thus dispensing with both JEPD and Mosaic
authorship. That view I have long held but cant see why it matters when the
Pentateuch was written and it may well have been modified many times before
the final form.

Mathematicians will be interested to know that Euclid's geometry only
partially derives form Euclid and was collated over centuries. Does that
disprove geometry?

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> Hello all,
> I've been wondering lately what the status of the JEDP documentary
> hypothesis should be in light of its "evolutionary" character. It is
> cited approvingly in plenty of Bible commentaries and is lambasted by
> Answers in Genesis (see
> so my
> assumption is to treat it with some plausibility. But I don't really
> know much about it, so I thought I would ask experts on the list if it
> is a firm explanation of "textual origins" or something weaker.
> Chris
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