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From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Mon Dec 05 2005 - 17:56:05 EST

"Under the circumstances, what conceivable alternative could persuade scientists to abandon it [evolution]?" - Don

"Given that the theory [of evolutions] is quite strong and alternatives are fully lacking, I'd say none. The supernatural is never a good alternative scientifically speaking." - Pim
  If nothing could persuade Pim to abandom theories of evolution, then he is displaying obviously-absolutistic thinking. This is unacceptable in today's post-modern scientific arena. It doesn't matter if it is Einstein or Newton or Heisenberg or Crick-Watson, Planck or even E. A. Poe, that deketive-making backwards-operating poet. Evolution is the be-all, end-all of PvM's worldview and there is nothing that can be done to change that. Let's move on from such a pigeon hole perspektive.
  Aside from patronizing a particular e-discussion individual on the topic of evolution, creation, intelligent design and considering any possible alternatives that may be suggested to break the American scientific-philosophical-theological deadlock, the situation doesn't appear that dire after all. However, extremism still reeks with one-sided thinking and narrowly investigated claims to superiority. Those who accept evolutionary theory must be ready to accept the limitations of their natural scientific claims; to situate themselves as players that they are, and not the game's dealers.
  This does not necessarily undermine the boundaries of ASA's scientific, philosophical and theological mandate. It does, however, require a measure of reflexity regarding the position of natural science on the national psyche of students, teachers and parents regarding the atheism, materialism or secularization brought on by certain forms of evolutionary theory. Dawkins, Dennett, Churchland's, etc. must be called to account, and if necessary, challenged to verify the legitimacy or illegitimacy of their atheistic conclusions. Intelligent persons will weigh the merits of various viewpoints on their own volition, regardless of ASA's neutrality (value-freedom) policy.
  Don asks 'what conceivable alternative [to evolution].' My question-based answer: Can theistic evolutionists and evolutionary creationists really conceive of nothing other than blind allegiance to evolutionary or neo-Darwinian principles? Isn't there something more timely to look forward to than 19th century evolutionary theory and 20th century neo-Darwinian principles?
  G. Arago

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