non-evolutionary theories from transitional fossils

From: Dr. David Campbell <>
Date: Mon Dec 05 2005 - 15:54:04 EST

> Also please provide any non-evolutionary theory
> that explains the fossil evidence that common descent effectively
> predicted.

Here's a non-evolutionary, non-supernatural theory that could explain
any set of organisms: Different kinds of organisms are produced by
spontaneous generation from nonliving matter such as rocks and
sediment. It's generally rejected because there's good evidence
against spontaneous generation and because the observed patterns of
organisms specifically fit with an evolutionary model, whereas this
spontaneous generation model does not predict those evolutionary
patterns. This spontaneous generation model closely resembles most
young earth or ID models except that the latter invoke a supernatural
rather than natural cause. There is good evidence that God can create
things spontaneously out of quite different precursors (including
nothing), but there is also good evidence that such events are quite
rare. The young earth and ID models also fail to explain the
evolutionary patterns (not counting the false claim that they are
inventions of atheistic evolutionists.)

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