Re: transitional fossils

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Date: Mon Dec 05 2005 - 10:14:58 EST

Quoting Gregory Arago <>:

> If you'll accept the criticism, I beg to differ that there is a
> single 'general theory of evolution.' Probably upon reflection Keith
> will agree. There are actually many 'theories of evolution,' which is
> why one of the most well-known Christians of the 20th century
> referred to it that way. For example, there many be a consensus about
> evolution in geology, but not in anthropoogy, familiar agreement in
> botany, but not in cognitive studies. Evolutionary theory is
> multi-disciplinary and cannot (any longer) be 'claimed' by one
> academic discipline.

Yes, I was referring to biological evolution and I should have made that
more clear. Also there are many alternative models of evolutionary
patterns and processes in biology/paleontology. It is the central
concept of common descent that unifies them.

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