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<>Citizen MD
[American Medical Association op-ed against Intelligent Design]
Medical Association ^ | 12/02/2005 | Paul Costello


First, a couple of people's comments on this article:

"The A.M.A. is a self-serving political whore. I've been practicing
medicine for 26 years and I've yet to hear anything really
substantive (that I agree with) come out of that forum." #11

"When I first read the article I was struck by its overwrought
hysteria. Evidently, if you teach high school students the theory of
evolution without the proper reverence and even hint that there might
be some phemonena it cannot explain, it will inevitably lead to
scientists being burned at the stake. I'm an atheist. If it were
proved that the first living cell was the product of intelligent
design, it would no more establish the existence of God than would
the discovery of a four billion year old space probe on the moon. All
of this is just dancing around the political question -- why should a
federal judge be able to tell a local school board what it should

For those interested, my comments are at #'s 28, 32, 46, 50, 71, 78,
86, 180, 187, 190, 212, 228 - linked directly here:

~ Janice ..whose computer was out of action for a while, but as you
can see, I'm busily making up for lost time. :)
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