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This file is out of date since it hasn't been updated for several years, but it lists some examples:

Keith Miller's article might also be helpful:

I have quite a few details on my website at entry 10:

Jim Hofmann

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Dear Dr. Garrison,

I have always assumed that the impetus for Gould and Eldredge's "punctuated
equilibrium" hypothesis. That is, there would be no need for such a
hyopothesis if there were an abundance of transitional fossils.

God bless,

Bill Green

On Fri, 02 Dec 2005 22:25:47 -0600, Preston Garrison wrote
> All you fossil experts,
> We all commonly hear the assertions about there being "no
> transitional fossils." I see the papers periodically in Science or
> Nature about a new fossil set of significance, but I'm allergic to
> morphology so I pay minimal attention. I'm wondering if someone has
> compiled a nice fat bibliography of papers on this subject to give
> people who make this claim. Anyone know of such?
> Preston G.
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