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Thanks for your response. You may already have drawn a parallel between my work and that of SETI. We share the common aim of seeking tangible evidence for the existence of intelligent agency beyond the confines of our natural earthly domain. The bases of our respective quests differ, of course: the latter resting upon the unsubstantiated belief that evolution is a cosmos-wide phenomenon; and the former upon the authority of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures and the expectation of such revelation in our own day. Nevertheless, I hope we can agree that the objectives of SETI and myself are such that, in the assessment of our respective findings, _the same standards are applied_ - for it would be hardly fair for ASA to join in the celebrations attending the reception of an ET 'message' from some remote corner of the galaxy whilst continuing to ignore or deny the one provided by Genesis 1:1!

[By the way, I get the strong impression that you believe a low probability event is of little value unless it arises from some 'a priori prescribed pattern'; but this surely nullifies the logic of all forensic endeavour.]

Something you might have overlooked in your examination of my pages is the compelling matter of _symbolic association_. Perhaps you will allow me to make the point by referring to the page There you will find the following examples:

(1) 3 large triangular numbers are to be found as running totals within the first 8 Hebrew words; the equilateral triangle is surely a most apposite symbol for our Triune God - and this might well be interpreted as 'His signature'.

(2) In a simple construction involving the first two of these triangles a _trinity_ of 666-as-triangle is depicted with '...and the earth.' (which, of course, includes us) in their grip. This appears to vividly foreshadow the events of Revelation 13.

(3) A consideration of the two larger triangles reveals that the smaller (representing Genesis 1:1) rests on a plinth, or underscore - thus according it added prominence.

(4) 37-as-hexagon is, of course, a 2D representation of 64-as-cube. From both Septuagint and NT Greek we find the Creator, Jesus Christ, represented by 2368 - the product of these two visually-associated numbers.

(5) The same number happens to be the difference of the cubes of 16 and 12, thus: 4096 - 1728 = 2368. In this connection we should observe that the cube is a biblical symbol of holiness (see 1Kings 6:20, Rev.21:16).

(6) 73-as-hexagram with 37-as-hexagon inset (these prime numbers, the factors of 2701) symbolise Genesis 1:1, prologue to the Creation Narrative - and representative of the Creation.

Randy, I could go on, but I trust you are able to see that these features add further weight to my thesis. Yet it appears you continue to believe my findings are the result of some clever juggling act! And when you speak of 'arbitrary arithmetic manipulation of numeric values of letters', you clearly overlook the geometries which, as you must see, are much harder to engineer - particularly if one has their coordination in mind. Believe me, I simply report what I find!


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  Yes, Vernon, I do agree that facts are facts. Can't argue with that. The significance and meaning of those facts is the question. Your observations are clever and perhaps even creative and artistic. Unfortunately, there is no reason to believe that there is any philosophical or theological significance to the patterns and relationships you have described. The verses you have quoted previously to justify such signficance do not give carte blanche permission to deduce meaning from arbitrary arithmetic manipulation of numeric values of letters. As we've discussed in this forum, the low probability of occurrence of numerical results is not an indication of divine significance.

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    Further to the matter of the observed coordination of the numerical geometries that derive from unbroken sequences of the Bible's opening Hebrew words, I invite you consider some additional data which lend considerable weight to these incontrovertible and remarkable events. The relevant page titled "Genesis 1:1 - The Inside Story" may be found at

    You may remember, some time ago, Iain commenting on the fact that these realities are 'not everyone's cup of tea'. But facts are facts! And facts are the lifeblood of rational and meaningful debate. Is our grasp of the eternal verities so sure - so secure - that we, as Christians, can afford to ignore such solid empirical data? Surely not, as I think you must agree.

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