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On Thu, 1 Dec 2005, Dick Fischer wrote:

> I hope you all had a chance to catch the zinger at the end of Vardiman's
> article:
> "None of the small temperature changes discussed above compare to those
> which likely occurred after the Genesis Flood. It has been shown that
> the ocean temperature at the end of the Genesis Flood was likely as warm
> as 100oF or more.5 Such a warm ocean would be an explanation for the Ice
> Age because of the excessive evaporation of water into the atmosphere
> and deposition of snow in the polar regions and on mountaintops that
> would have occurred. An ocean with a SST equal to or greater than 100oF
> would also likely have produced large frequencies and intensities of
> hurricanes beyond anything experienced today. It has been shown that
> giant hurricanes called hypercanes would likely have occurred over major
> portions of the earth.6 They would have grown to hundreds of miles in
> diameter, produced horizontal winds of over 300 miles per hour, had
> vertical winds of 100 miles per hour, and precipitated rain at rates
> greater than 10 inches per hour. Large amounts of erosion of the
> unconsolidated sediments would have occurred on the continents following
> the Flood. In this context, today's increasing hurricane activity
> represents a minor oscillation in the steady-state condition at the end
> of about 5,000 years of cooling."
> "Hypercanes" Larry, what is in the water in San Diego?
> ~Dick Fischer~ Genesis Proclaimed Association
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In Genesis 8:22 God promised Noah that there would not be any future major
changes in the seasons. This doesn't stop the YECs from suggesting that
such have occurred.

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