Re: ICR's Acts and Facts for Dec 2005

From: Pim van Meurs <>
Date: Thu Dec 01 2005 - 12:01:28 EST

Carol or John Burgeson wrote:

>Randy asked: "Do you or anyone else know of someone who could accurately
>write up the
>key technical claims produced at the RATE conference? Or are the actual
>technical papers available somewhere? I'm presuming Acts and Facts isn't
>detailed enough for anyone to be able to respond technically.
TAlkorigins has added a recent FAQ on zircon dating. A lot of the RATE
'research' seems to involve inappropriate use of dating methods, leading
to of course erroneous dates.

Young-Earth Creationist Helium Diffusion "Dates"
Fallacies Based on Bad Assumptions and Questionable Data
by Kevin R. Henke, Ph.D.


Dr. D. R. Humphreys and other young-Earth creationists (YECs) believe
that zircons from the Fenton Hill rock cores, New Mexico, USA, contain
too much radiogenic helium to be billions of years old (Humphreys /et
al./, 2003a
2004; Humphreys, 2003
<>). In my
original essay <>, I
extensively criticized and documented some of the numerous problems in
Dr. Humphreys' work. Rather than dealing with most of his mistakes,
it's obvious that Humphreys (2005
<>) did not
even read and comprehend the vast majority of my criticisms. This essay
contains additional evidence and discussions that demonstrate that Dr.
Humphreys' work is fatally flawed and never achieves its YEC objectives.

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