Re: ICR's Acts and Facts for Dec 2005

From: Carol or John Burgeson <>
Date: Thu Dec 01 2005 - 09:33:49 EST

Randy asked: "Do you or anyone else know of someone who could accurately
write up the
key technical claims produced at the RATE conference? Or are the actual
technical papers available somewhere? I'm presuming Acts and Facts isn't

detailed enough for anyone to be able to respond technically.

    I have no illusions of trying to change the minds of any YEC's, nor
am I
concerned about most scientists who simply ignore these claims. Where I
believe the ASA has a responsibility is to calmly and systematically
a response to those who are not experts but sincerely seek answers on how
respond to RATE."

1. I'm unqualified for such a response, but I'll bet some other ASA
member is. Or could cull the net and find such a response. I've seen a
RATE response on the net about 6 months ago -- don't have the reference

A&F is written for the layman and a response in layman language would be
useful -- but I don't know what media would work. I would guess that ICR
would not give us space in A&F! <G>

I agree that ASA has a responsibility here. Perhaps E. Scott is doing
something and we might endorse her views. She is a responsible person
IMHO. See my review on her book in the last PSCF issue (out last week).
Or check the web link below.

Burgy (A review of Scott's last book)
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