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    Do you or anyone else know of someone who could accurately write up the
key technical claims produced at the RATE conference? Or are the actual
technical papers available somewhere? I'm presuming Acts and Facts isn't
detailed enough for anyone to be able to respond technically.

    I have no illusions of trying to change the minds of any YEC's, nor am I
concerned about most scientists who simply ignore these claims. Where I
believe the ASA has a responsibility is to calmly and systematically provide
a response to those who are not experts but sincerely seek answers on how to
respond to RATE. I have received requests from ASA members asking for a
credible response. My guess is that most of the specific issues have
already been addressed but without knowing the details, I can't be sure.


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> 2005 11 Acts and Facts
> The long anticipated RATE conference took place on schedule. 2,300 naive
> folks crowed into a sell out gathering at Shadow Mountain Community
> Church in San Diego on Sunday, 11/5/2005. "Thousands, not Billions" is
> the word.
> The cover letter continues ICR's concession to those of us who are not
> YECs -- we are simply "Christians who have not considered Christ as our
> creator." The cover letter touts the "great victories wrought by our
> Creator through the RATE initiative." The conference is billed as "First
> RATE." (haha).
> Humphreys spoke on helium diffusion in radioactive crystals which
> indicate the earth's age to be about 6,000 years.
> Snelling talked on radio halos, a second YEC evidence.
> Baumgardner spoke about "large amounts of C-14 found in diamonds, a third
> evidence.
> Vardiman recapped the results as follows:
> 1. A large amount of radioactive decay has occurred.
> 2. Conventional radioisotope dates differ radically.
> 3. Nuclear processes were accelerated during certain periods of earth's
> history.
> 4. The evidences above are strong evidence for a young earth.
> Therefore:
> 1. Creation and the Flood are genuine historic events.
> 2. The Bible is scientifically reliable.
> Note from JWB -- I'm just reporting Acts and Facts. I'm not making this
> up!
> Future RATE conferences are planned in 2006 -- Fort Lauderdale, Houston
> and Philadelphia plans are in place.
> The analogy of David (the YECs) and Goliath is used in John Morris's
> column. "God's mighty hand of blessing" is seen. He admits that Goliath
> still lives, but is "severely wounded." His article concludes with this
> warning: "Time is running out on the theory of evolution."
> Churches mentioned as ICR supporters include Bayside Community and Grace
> Community, both in Tampa, and Westside Baptist in Hutchinson, Kansas.
> Local sane people may want to check out these places.
> Frank Sherwin has a short article. Apparently if any scientist ever dares
> admit there are still unanswered questions, he is ridiculed. AT least
> that's what appears to be Sherwin's strategy.
> John Morris concludes with an article claiming that in the early earth
> all the months were exactly 30 days long. The Flood changed all that, he
> says.
> Larry vardiman has an article on hurricanes. Using regression analysis,
> he shows a trend in these over the period 1840 to 2005. My skeptical
> self asked if he preselected the data (all canes exceeding 39 MPH) to fit
> his desired results. Maybe not. But the analysis is that of a 1st year
> undergraduate student, at best. At my college, Carnegie Tech, I would
> guess it would get a C- as a first semester physics project. You may want
> to check it out on the ICR web site and see if you agree.
> jb
> For those interested, I have added a number of pieces to my web site. The
> most recent changes can be seen at:
> They are:
> Repeal the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics! (humor)
> Daffynitions (humor)
> Bob and Nancy (humor)
> Review of A SHORT HISTORY OF PROGRESS, by Ronald Wright
> Review of THE ANCESTOR'S TALE, by Richard Dawkins
> Review of THEODORE REX, by Edmund Morris.
> Review of MY LIFE, by Bill Clinton.
> Review of THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY, by Ellen Alderman and Caroline Kennedy
> Review of FOUNDING FATHER, by Richard Brookhiser
> Brief review of THE LONGEST WINTER, by Alex Kershaw
> Brief review of NEGRO PRESIDENT, by Garry Wills
> Brief review of FOUNDING BROTHERS, by Joseph Ellis
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