Re: petition to amend ASA Constitutional Objectives?

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Date: Wed Nov 30 2005 - 15:46:13 EST

Yep, my sense as well. That will or intent may well be (often is!) a
highly individualized outcome from more generalized and wide-ranging
collective processing, the primary value of the ASA venue for me. JimA

Dick Fischer wrote:

>I agree with Dave. To think we can "ascertain God's will" is
>presumptive. The best we can do is to prayerfully attempt to rightly
>divide His Word in Scripture, pray for divine guidance, and pray that He
>will act in our lives and the lives of others.
>~Dick Fischer~ Genesis Proclaimed Association
>Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History
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>Subject: petition to amend ASA Constitutional Objectives?
>Dear ASA listserv,
>I'm Joe Carson, P.E., President of the Affiliation of Christian
>Engineers. I am a deeply concerned engineer and Christian.
>As this touches ASA, I do not think ASA, which I consider an
>auxiliary engineering/scientific professional society for Christian
>engineers and scientists, to have adequate "objectives" by its
>Constitution. (Note: ASA's Constitution and Bylaws can be found in
>its membership directory.)
>By its Constitution, Article 1 Section 2, ASA has the following
>a. to integrate and to interpret the discoveries of the natural and
>social sciences with the insights derived from Scripture and
>Christian theology;
>b. to share scientific knowledge, ethical concerns, and the results
>of the integration and interpretation produced in Objective 2.a with
>other Christians, in order to help the Church better understand
>science, technology, and the Christian theology; and
>c. to share faith and scholarship with scientific colleagues.
>I do not disagree with these objectives, as far as they go. But I
>disagree that they are closed-ended and too specific. I do not think
>them an adequate reflection of God's will for ASA and its
>members. My proposal for amended objectives for ASA follows.
>The Objectives of ASA is to serve as an organizational vehicle by
>which Christian members of science and engineering professions can:
>a) collectively and intentionally, with theologians and others,
>ascertain God's will for science and engineering professions and
>their Christian members;
>b) document and disseminate the results of such efforts; and
>c) equip and encourage its members to intentionally, individually and
>collectively, influence the science and engineering professions to
>advance God's will in and through them.
>I have had some communication with Randy Isaac, Executive Director of
>ASA about my concerns and suggestions for ASA's objectives. He does
>not agree with my perceptions, which is certainly his
>prerogative. However, I am concerned that he may be assuming too
>much power vis-a-vis the governance of ASA. By ASA's Constitution
>and Bylaws, the ASA Executive Council "governs" ASA affairs, to
>advance its objectives, consistent with the will of its
>membership. The Executive Director is employed by the Executive
>Council and under its director, to fulfill the duties listed in for
>the position in the ASA bylaws. Randy Isaac's current position is
>that he will not allow the Executive Council to consider my proposal,
>making him the leader of ASA and the Executive Council his
>rubber-stamp. (Why is he controlling the agenda for Executive
>Council meetings?)
>The President of ASA, not the Executive Director (who is not even a
>voting member of the Executive Council), "leads" ASA, by the ASA
>Bylaws. In the ASA newsletter, the ASA President, not the Executive
>Director, should have a column (or they should alternate, or both
>have columns.)
>I wish to see ASA follow its Constitution and bylaws in its
>governance. I wish to circulate a petition to the ASA membership
>about amending its Constitution regarding its objectives, per ASA
>Constitution Article V Section 1. (if 5% of ASA membership signs a
>petition proposing a change to its Constitution, it must be submitted
>to the ASA membership, by mail, for a vote.)
>What I wish to see is the ASA President and Executive Council start
>to more actively govern ASA, instead of apparently delegating their
>responsibilities for governing ASA to the ASA Executive
>Director. This includes creating a strategic plan, vision statement,
>etc - not in a vacuum, but via a Committee of ASA members, appointed
>by the ASA President, per ASA bylaws, charged to review ASA purposes
>and activities, to determine if they adequately reflect God's will
>for ASA and its members, in 2005 (or 2006).
>At any rate, I've offered to pay for the cost of a mailing to ASA
>membership to solicit support for a petition to propose amendments
>to its Constitutional objectives. I would appreciate any feedback
>others on this listserv have. It's our ASA, it should respond to our
>interests. Its Constitution and bylaws are not "sacred" and
>unchangeable, in fact they specifically allow for change in response
>to member interest.
>Feel free to push back, hard, if you deem appropriate. Feel free to
>contact me off-line.
>Joe Carson, P.E.
>President, Affiliation of Christian Engineers
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