Re: The scientific vacuity of Intelligent Design

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Date: Sun Nov 27 2005 - 08:32:04 EST

Todd wrote

> > It is the evolutionists, not the IDers, who are holding to a dogmatic
> > position. One might think that if evolutionary theories haven't explained
> > biology then alternatives would be allowed. But this is not the case for
> > naturalists. As Kant explained, naturalism is not a theory or good idea --
> > we must hold it to be a fact. Likewise today's evolutionists hold that
> > evolution is not a theory, but a fact (it would be perverse to say it is a
> > theory!). Of course these claims are based on a priori axioms
> > (rationalism) as opposed to the empirical evidence.

I think you are overstating your case here. Of course it is possible that
there is yet a better theory somewhere, this I do not dispute. Vested
interest is something that every scientist should be wary of, for a little
corruption can do a lot of harm. But not everyone here who is discussing
this has a vested interest. For myself, I came to agree with evolution
it appears to explain the data the best; more consistent over all with other
branches of science, and more consistent with itself. Yet if a
different model appeared tomorrow that was clearly superior, there is no
reason why I should feel obliged to support the inferior model once the
new idea becomes known.

Evolution is the best model we have, as far as I can tell at the present

Even in the best circumstances, ID could only say that an intelligent
agent interacted with the world at a particular time. Yet even this
suggests something of the nature in which God interacts with the
world. For one, it suggests that God feels compelled to leave his
"Intel inside" stamp on every product made by heaven. What if ID
cannot find any evidence of this "Intel inside". Shall we burn our
Bibles and change our allegence to I mean this seriously.
What if you don't find anything? Is it even remotely possible that the
theology could be wrong?
By Grace alone we proceed,
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