Report on Jason Lisle visit to Tucson

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Date: Sat Nov 26 2005 - 00:10:38 EST

I posted a message here on the 15th pointing out that
Jason Lisle of Answers in Genesis will be in Tucson
talking about creationist astronomy. As far as I can
recall, I received no replies on this newsgroup.

I attended all three of his talks, took some notes and
wrote a report which I have just put online. You can
follow the last link at

or go directly to it at

for which I would appreciate any comments.

Three of my astronomy students attended one of the
talks as a "field trip" for extra credit to see
pseudo-science in action, rather than just hearing about
it. All of them were simply appalled by the falsehoods
and deception used to dupe the crowd.

Christopher Sharp
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