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> This is only tangentially related, but look at this page and included
> pages for an account of Charles K. Johnson, who may have been the last
> real hard core flat earther:
> The account is by Bob Schadewald, also deceased now. I believe Glenn
> Morton knew him. I found this stuff fascinating, especially the argument
> from highly selective lighthouse statistics used by 19th century flat
> earther Samuel Rowbotham.

30+ years ago when I was preparing to teach a course called "The Fringes of
Science" I wrote to Mr. Johnson to get a copy of his book (a poorly
mimeographed thing as it turns out) titled _The Plane Truth about this Flat
Earth_. With it he sent me a membership card in The International Flat
Earth Research Society. When I wrote to tell him that I didn't want to be a
member & included some pointed criticisms of his book (I was not as polite
then as I try to be now) he sent me a rather violent letter calling me a
liar, follower of Satan &c and expelled me from the society. It's a
distinction few people can claim. I still have the book & membership card.

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