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Moorad wrote:

> I suppose theistic evolutionists and intelligent designers understand
> differently the verses "He is before all things, and in Him all things hold
> together." Col. 1:17 and "...He upholds all things by the word of His power....."
> Heb. 1:3. Do these verses tell us the kind and degree of interaction between
> the Creator and His creation? Certainly, our scientific theories of Nature
> need not invoke a Creator. But are cracks in our understanding evident in our
> failure to truly comprehend the notions of life and consciousness? Why humans
> have a need to conceive and seek comfort in a Supreme Being?

Every single attosecond of time (in our frame of reference) that we're
is yet another manifestation of his Grace. For without God, how would we add

yet even such a small unit of time to our existence. The ensemble of
all stand up, salute and obey his every command, and nothing, oh nothing can

scatch one iota from his rules for even a fleeting moment. Who can author
rules? Who can climb to the high heavens and dispute them? Who can ever
change them? And who depends on their continued preservation?

When we see God this way, that Grace is what sustains us, and Grace is what
grants us yet another day, then it seems like we are very ungrateful when we
complain like the pot to the potter about how we might have been made.
Don't you think so? I mean, whatever is true, that simply is. And if the
message of salvation is also true, which those of us who are Christian put
our faith on, and if there is purpose, in which only God can impute to
our lives, then who are we, sinners and a profane lot, to proclaim anything
but our thanks; regardless of the precise means origins of life? Is this not
sinning against the Lord by rejecting the work of his hands simply because we

do not like the way he did it?

We should first care that we understand matters, and then place ourselves in
the context. Not invent the context, and then try to understand matters.

by Grace alone we proceed,
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