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From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Tue Nov 22 2005 - 21:45:24 EST

Gregory wrote:

> An apparent lack of willingness to properly define the boundaries and
> limitations of evolutionary theory on behalf of theistic evolutionists
> can lead readers of popular news stories to believe that TE's are
> willing to accept even some of the anti-theistic dimensions of
> evolutionary theory. Of course, this is almost entirely untrue, and
> such reporting is against the spirit of fair discourse. But it sure
> would help if TE 's and EC's would provide a statement distancing
> themselves from the anti-theistic, materialistic and naturalistic
> dimensions of evolutionary theory in order that the solidly scientific
> uses of evolution and neo-Darwinism could gain more popular > acceptance.

However, this is precisely what I, and every other TE (Continuous
creationist, Evolutionary creationist) that I know, consistently does
state. This is the fundamental point that I make at every opportunity,
both in speaking engagements and in my writing. At least in my case,
this is the message that the media gets and reports. This has also
been the consistent message of the Kansas scientific community from
virtually every science education and professional science organization
in the state. (BTW: the atheistic dimensions are extra-scientific,
and imposed on evolutionary theory from the outside.)

The group that consistently argues for the equation of evolutionary
science and atheism (materialism and philosophical naturalism) are the
creationists and ID proponents. The argument that evolution is
inherently anti-theistic was the fundamental arguing point of the ID
proponents before the state board. That view is also held by the ID
supporters on the board. The board president Steve Abrams has publicly
stated that evolution and the Bible are in conflict and you have to
make a choice between them.

Of all the various interest groups in this debate, I know of no group
that has more consistently tried to distance atheism and materialism
from evolutionary science than TE's.


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