Re: ASA and the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS)

From: Randy Isaac <>
Date: Mon Nov 21 2005 - 20:43:40 EST

I appreciated the various posts about the inclusion of history in the ASA. As I continue to read more about the history of the ASA, I am impressed with the continuing emphasis on diversity and inclusiveness, within the bounds of the statement of faith and commitment to integrity in science. The founders and early leaders realized the importance of cross-disciplinary contributions and tended to include any interested profession that could contribute to the dialog between science and Christian faith. The main counterbalance was to ensure a continued focus on issues of science and Christian faith and minimize the tendency to broaden into many extraneous directions.

As for membership, I get the impression that the disciplines that are listed are meant to convey broad inclusiveness and not a restriction. The Associate category seems to be intended for those who are not professionals in their discipline but are nevertheless interested in the dialog. I therefore feel I would have the prerogative of accepting an application for membership from quite a range of disciplines--including history and maybe even music!--provided there was a demonstration of a professional degree with significant interest and relevance to the more traditional scientific fields.

Regarding the scope of topics for this discussion list, all of us have interests that go beyond science but the raison d'etre of the discussion list is to encourage dialog on issues in science and Christian faith. If left unbounded, we'd have little time left to read notes on the primary topics.

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