Re: Vienna cardinal draws lines in Intelligent Design row

From: Pim van Meurs <>
Date: Mon Nov 21 2005 - 13:13:40 EST

Deny wrote

>> Thus, supporting il progetto intelligente is basically just plugging
>> a leak,
>> ending the misrepresentation that the Catholic Church is cool with a
>> purposeless variety of evolution when it isn't and can't be.
The latter is mostly a conflation of randomness and purpose. Until ID
creationists understand the important distinctions, they should not
complain about 'misrepresentations' which appear to be nothing more than
So let's not confuse intelligent design with "Intelligent Design".
For those familiar with scientific concepts, the difference is quite
significant. The former is a faith based acceptance that our world, life
and this universe involved a Creator. The latter is a scientifically
vacuous concept arguing that we can scientifically detect the
supernatural. In addition to being scientifically vacuous, Intelligent
Design also has some significant theological risks as it reduces God to
live in areas of our ignorance and thus open to disproof.

Seems to me that the Vatican is quickly distantiating itself from the
latter form and embracing the former form of intelligent design.

The catholic church is cool with the theory of evolution either
Darwinian or Neo-Darwinian. In fact, an earlier Pope did speak out on
this topic quite clearly and not just spoke out but placed in it a very
significant doctrine of the Church.
Now that Schonborn seems to have gotten some guidance on the
'scientific' issues, it seems he is quickly moving in line with others
at the Vatican. Some may feel disappointed by what they may see as a
change of position on Schonborn's part. All I can say is that perhaps
Schonborn got some bad advice leading him to reject good science and
accept a scientifically vacuous concept as science.
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