Re: Biological and Technological Evolution

From: Dr. David Campbell <>
Date: Mon Nov 21 2005 - 13:09:49 EST

> What are the differences between biological evolution and
> technological evolution?

Artificial selection of domestic animals, pets, etc. is one type of
biological evolution that overlaps a good deal with technological

Conversely, some technological evolution is more similar to biological
evolution, e.g. the use of in vitro selection of enzymes to look for a
useful product or the emergence of complex systems out of individual
interactions, without overall guidance (e.g., the economy, the
> Some of the basics are:
> Biological Evolution – Organic-al (includes the physiological
> dimensions of human beings who 'evolve'), (Pseudo-)Vital, includes
> Randomness, Natural Selection and Sexual Selection, Ateleological

It's probably best to specify that there is no inherent direction in
biological evolution. Whether it is a part of providence is not
scientifically accessible.

It might also be good to emphasize that natural selection is not the
only non-random factor involved.
> Asexual Selection,

Not certain what this is. There are some odd patterns of selctive
pressure that occur in organisms that reproduce asexually in some

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